Personal Project

Front cover of The Little Book of Grandfer

The Little Book of Grandfer

Illustration/ Publication Design

The Little Book of Grandfer is an illustrated publication of some of Grandfer (my grandad’s) favourite quotes.

I compiled all of the sayings by reaching out to family and friends and asking them what some of their favourite Grandfer quotes were. I then created illustrations to accompany each quote using Procreate then compiled all of the illustrations and quotes into a little book using inDesign. This was my first experience getting a publication printed by a professional printer and it went really well! The publication was shipped out to the friends and family of Grandfer including a bunch of copies to the man himself so he could distribute more and have a copy for himself!

As my grandad is getting older it has felt really nice creating something that could count towards his legacy using my creative skill set. I felt a little torn about sharing such a personal project on my portfolio website but I am really proud of the work I produced here and demonstrates a bunch of my skills and I hope it highlights how my love for making things trickles into my personal life as well!

Some pages from The Little Book of Grandfer