London Parkive

Research/ Graphic Design/ UI/ Data Visualisation

The London Parkive is an archive project which aims to highlight the changing London landscape through looking specifically at its open spaces. By collecting information on parks both past and present the aim is to create a complete list of open spaces and their histories. This is a prototype for what The London Parkive could look like. The map in its current form looks specifically at Southwark’s open spaces and includes some examples of proposed infill sites. If fully developed the London Parkive could depict the same level of information for all the open spaces of London.

Open spaces are important for our physical and mental health, particularly in London where greenery is limited. They also play a vital role in catering for the wildlife of London and combatting pollution levels and climate change. Due to the high value of land and the lucrative potential for development, open spaces in London are vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that we monitor the fluctuation of our open spaces and have a sense of clarity on what the situation is at any given time.
Each park has its own story which tells us about the evolution of London physically, socially and politically. Knowing about these stories can add to the experience of visiting open spaces and give us a better understanding of the city and how it has evolved to be what it is today.

This was my BA 1st Year final project. I proposed the brief and did extensive research into the history of parks and open spaces in the Borough of Southwark in London and compiled all of this research into a prototype for a website using Adobe Illustrator and XD over a 7 week period.