The Box at Sea

‘The Box’ is an endearing term my family use to describe my mum’s house. This is a (fairly) accurate depiction of The Box, drawn in detail, though the garden may look a little neater in the illustration than in real life… and in real life it’s not floating on the sea…

Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

‘Even Monkeys Fall From Trees’, is a Japanese saying which I encountered as a child when playing a card game called Karuta. The message behind the phrase is that even a master at something can fail. I felt that this would be the perfect slogan for an insurance company; for the unexpected perils that happen in our lives. The layout of this illustration is inspired by Karuta cards.

What Colour was Your Morning?

This is a series of screen prints that I made as part of my final piece for my foundation degree at Leeds College of Art back in 2017. There are two sets of prints; one depicting a good morning and one depicting a bad morning. The different colours were chosen through a survey that I posted on Facebook with the question “What Colour was your morning?”.

Isle of Sark Map

Between 2017 and 2019 I spent three summers and a winter working on the Isle of Sark, a small island situated in the Channel Islands situated between Guernsey and Jersey. The island is tiny and has no cars or street lights so you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. In 2020 I made this map of Sark using Photoshop and Illustrator, highlighting some of the destinations to visit on the island.

Geometric Rabbit

A geometric drawing of a rabbit I drew using Adobe Illustrator.

La Buida

La Buida is a restaurant located at the foot of the piste leading into Les Brévières, a small alpine village located in Tignes, a ski resort located in the French Alps. This is an isometric drawing I made of this restaurant using Adobe Illustrator.

Food in Japan

A series of food illustrations I made using Adobe Illustrator highlighting some of my favourite foods to eat in Japan.